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Full Body Ozone Suit

This innovative full-body Ozone Suit is a practical solution for harnessing the benefits of Ozone Therapy across your entire body with ease and efficiency.

To start the therapy, you’ll just need to start by connecting the tubing from your Ozone Generator to the specially designed adapter included with the suit. Once connected, you slip into the suit and effortlessly zip yourself up, ensuring a snug and secure fit. With the zippers drawn up to your neck, you’re ready to begin your ozone session.

The Suit allows you to sit back and relax or recline for ultimate comfort. Simply settle into your preferred position and allow the ozone to work its magic over the designated time period.

Despite the comprehensive coverage provided by the suit, rest assured that using it solo is entirely manageable, even for beginners. With a bit of practice, individuals can confidently use it without the need for additional assistance.


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  • Size, flat: 3′ x 7′ 10″
  • Material resistant to Ozone (made of PEVA material free from chlorine).
  • Zipper designed to resist snags.


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