Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen Tanks

Medical Oxygen Tanks allow for the storage of pure oxygen or liquid oxygen into a pressurized container. The size and appearance of an oxygen tank can vary depending on the purpose of the container, where it is used, and various other mobility requirements.

The air we breathe is composed of many gases, but only 19% of that mixture is oxygen. Many medical applications require a percentage higher than 19% and that is why concentrated oxygen is produced with a minimum of 90% pure oxygen. The concentrated oxygen can be produced with an oxygen concentrator or simply acquired in a pressurized cylindrical bottle.

Oxygen tanks can be purchased in different sizes according to your requirements.

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There are two ways to use oxygen tanks for ozone. If you have an oxygen prescription or can get one, you can use an 870 tank and regulator, designed for medical oxygen. Verify with your prescription provider if you need to buy a tank or if they will provide one for you. If they provide a tank, you may receive a high flow regulator, so you’ll want to get a low flow regulator in order to use it with ozone.

If you don’t have a prescription, you can use 540 industrial tanks and regulators. With this tank, you’ll need a local source of oxygen, like a welding shop. We recommend finding a provider first, as some will require you to buy their tank. Once you know you can get the tank filled, you can either buy a tank and regulator or the regulator by itself.

Click here for tank adapters for European tanks.

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