Oxygen Tanks

Oxygen Tanks

Medical Oxygen Tanks serve a critical role in healthcare by providing a means to store pure or liquid oxygen within a pressurized container. These tanks come in diverse shapes and sizes, tailored to specific applications, usage contexts, and mobility needs.

The atmosphere we breathe consists of a mixture of gases, with oxygen constituting only 19% of this blend. However, numerous medical procedures and conditions necessitate oxygen concentrations surpassing this natural level. To meet such demands, concentrated oxygen, typically containing a minimum of 90% purity, is generated. This concentrated oxygen can be obtained either through the use of an oxygen concentrator or by acquiring it pre-filled within a pressurized cylindrical container.

The availability of Oxygen Tanks in various sizes allows for flexibility in addressing individual requirements. From portable units to larger vessels, the diverse range caters to the specific needs of healthcare facilities, emergency responders, and individuals requiring supplemental oxygen therapy.

There are two ways to use Oxygen Tanks for Ozone generation. If you count with an oxygen prescription from a healthcare provider, you could then use an 870 tank and regulator, designed for medical oxygen. Verify with your prescription provider if you need to buy a tank or if they will provide one for you. If they provide a tank, you may receive a high flow regulator, so you’ll want to get a low flow regulator in order to use it with Ozone.

If you don’t have a prescription, you could use the Industrial 540 Oxygen Tank without Regulator. With this tank, you’ll need to find a local source of oxygen first, because most providers will require you to buy the tank from them as well. Once you have secured a source to get your tank refilled with oxygen, you can tnen buy a Low Flow Oxygen Regulator by itself.

Click here for tank adapters for European tanks.

Recommended Products:

Oxygen Tank RegulatorsInternational High Pressure Low Flow Oxygen Regulators:
These international high-pressure low-flow oxygen regulator will provide the following flow rates:

1/64 lpm, 1/32 lpm, 1/16 lpm, 1/8 lpm, 1/4 lpm, 1/2 lpm, 3/4 lpm, 1 lpm, 1.5 lpm, and 2 lpm.

Oxygen Tanks are typically filled to 3000 PSI or 200 bar and this regulator with adapter is designed to be used on tanks with pressure at or below 3000 psi or 200 bar.

Compatible with the O3Elite and O3Arc Ozone Generators.

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