Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Ozone-ready Far Infrared Sauna Dome

Ozone-ready Far Infrared Sauna Dome heaters

The Ozone-ready Far Infrared Saunas is an ideal choice for infrared heat therapy or to combine infrared with ozone. Materials are ozone-compatible.

Far infrared, an invisible part of the light spectrum, is a deep penetrating heat that inspires sweating at lower temperatures than conventional saunas. It absorbs easily and can aid in improving circulation and detoxification.

Combined with Ozone’s ability to neutralize bacteria and viruses, and other beneficial effects, makes the perfect combination for your improved health. The sauna has been modified to make it ozone-compatible and features an easy to use ozone port.


Hi everyone, my name is Tobias Siegel from PromoLife, and I want to go over the features of the PromoLife Infrared Dome Sauna.

The Infrared heaters used are constructed with carbon, silver and copper. The heater efficiency is over 90 percent. The human body’s infrared absorption efficiency is around 97 percent, which makes the heaters very close to the level of efficiency needed for maximum absorption.

As you can see the entire inside of the Sauna is covered in black panel heaters. You will get full coverage of Far Infrared throughout the dome. Saunas with smaller spaced out heaters may develop cold spots in the Sauna.

Our Dual Temperature Control allows you to adjust the heat levels of the upper and lower dome independently. If you like a little more heat for a particular area you can adjust as needed.

This Sauna can reach temperatures of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect for people who prefer a hotter Sauna experience.

The Infrared Dome Sauna will accommodate a person that is six feet five inches tall, with a shoulder width of 22 inches. 22 inch shoulders are considered very broad. Overall this Sauna is larger than others on the market and will fit most people comfortably.

This Sauna is manufactured in South Korea, and made with beautiful faux leather and a sturdy mahogany frame.

The Sauna comes in two parts an upper dome and a lower dome. The upper dome slides back and forth allowing the user to adjust for the appropriate height. I have been heavily using the Sauna for three years, and it still looks and operates like new.

This is a great feature that allows you to securely tuck in a towel so it drapes over your neck. This helps properly trap in Ozone when you use it as an Ozone Sauna. It also gives you a towel to wipe off excess sweat.

This is a great Infrared Sauna for EMF sensitive individuals. Many of our EMF sensitive users report no issues using the Sauna typically. Most of the EMF comes from the controller which can be positioned a safe distance outside of the dome.

Our Ozone-ready Sauna is the only true Ozone Infrared Sauna on the market that comes with a built-in Ozone port. Ozone enters the Sauna near your feet, which minimizes build up around the face. Ozone disperses throughout the interior reaching more of the skin’s surface for maximum Ozone absorption

If you want more information about the Ozone-ready Infrared Dome Sauna please visit our website at www.promolife.com or give us a call at 1-888-742-3404. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram

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