Oxygen Concentrators

An Oxygen Concentrator is a device that concentrates oxygen from a gas supply, such as ambient air, to supply a gas stream enriched with oxygen with a higher ratio of dioxygen per volume.

In the medical field Oxygen Concentrators are normally used to compensate for a deficiency of oxygen uptake as a result of some pathology, and thus increase breathing efficiency.

Recommended Products:

EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator (Refurbished): Can be used for beauty and EWOT as Standard (up to 5 LPM), or upgrade to add the Promolife Low Flow Oxygen Meter for ozone therapy. The Low Flow Meter does not alter the concentrator – it can still be used at higher flows when needed.

EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator (New): Brand new version of the EverFlo listed above. The concentrator by itself can be used for beauty and EWOT, or you can package it with a Low Flow Meter for ozone use. Packages are also available with an O3Elite Ozone Generator.

AirSep VisionAire: This is 220 Volt concentrator ideal for locations that use 220V power. It can be used for beauty and EWOT (up to 5 LPM). Add on the Low Flow Oxygen Meter and you can use it for ozone therapy as well.

Platinum 10 Oxygen Concentrator: Our highest output concentrator (up to 10 LPM), it can be used for beauty and EWOT or can be packaged with a Low Flow Oxygen Meter for ozone therapy. It’s easy to add on the oxygen bar accessories you need.

Oxygen Bar and Facial System: Up to 5 LPM, it works great for beauty. With a Low Flow Meter it can be used for ozone.

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