Dental Ozone

Ozone can inactivate or kill all kinds of viruses, bacteria and fungi that are so common in dental pathologies, while at the same time aiding on the healing through an improved supply of blood supply. Dental treatments that make use of Ozone are minimally invasive as well as painless, and can decrease the total time of medical attention substantially.

Ozone in the dental field can be applied after bubbling through water, or simply used as a gas. Through a hand piece a medical professional can direct the ozonated water or gas directly into the affected area.

A water system that can be ozonated directly at the time that it is needed finds multiple uses in a dental clinic. Multiple studies and research indicate that Ozone can be a very beneficial addition to any dental practice.

Recommended Products:

The Dental Ozone Handpiece allows a practitioner to target ozone gas directly toward a problem area.

The On Demand Chilled Ozonated Water System is a perfect way to have ozonated water when it’s needed, and can be used at home or in a clinic.

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