Intradiscal Ozone injection

Ozone-Oxygen Therapy as an alternative for slipped disc surgery

Oxygen and Ozone therapy is emerging as an effective treatment option than surgery for people suffering from a slipped disc due to its minimally invasive procedure and speedy recovery.

Experts explain that the procedure, which was first tried in Europe, leaves no surgical scars on the skin, and the patient can be discharged from hospital on the same day, compared to surgery which may take weeks.

Slipped or herniated disks, medically termed as herniated nucleus pulposus, transpire due to the rupture of one of the inter-vertebral discs within the spinal column, leading to the leakage of the inner gel-like substance. This condition triggers sensations of numbness and pain that radiate along the affected nerve, often resulting in discomfort and limited mobility. In more severe instances, individuals afflicted by this condition might necessitate surgical intervention to either extract or mend the displaced disc, aiming to alleviate the associated symptoms and restore spinal functionality.



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